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One-by-one, helping the dogs of Haiti by providing cares & health services, and educating Haitians on how to care for them.

The Haiti Street Dog Project (HSDP), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Haiti and the United States, is comprised of dog lovers and veterinarians who seek to improve the welfare of the many neglected and abandoned street dogs in Haiti.
In 2015, Haiti native Diane Gaillard visited her home country (after 36 years away) for a much-needed vacation and to connect with her ancestral roots. What she immediately found were countless roaming dogs that not only distracted her from her vacation but also got her attention.  
With her vacation funds she decided to purchase bags of dog food to feed the dogs at night. After running out of food and money, she returned home with a new vision: to find like-minded people who would be interested in helping the street dogs in Haiti. 

Have a question for the team? Email us at info@haitistreetdogproject.org 

Meet Our Team

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Diane Gaillard

Founder &

Executive Director

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Our Mission

Alex Ronzio

Partnership & Adoption Coordinator

Our mission is to improve the lives of Haitian street dogs by implementing a threefold plan that focuses on dog welfare, population management, and educational programs & services. This will be accomplished by utilizing the Haitian government, local veterinarians, and the Haitian community to develop sustainable infrastructure that will improve the future of the street dogs.

Olivia Oblinger

Veterinary Volunteer Coordinator

our goals


the canines

Brandie Anderson

Program Director & 

Volunteer Coordinator


those in need

Michele Jaco

Operations Director

Along with a small team of animal lovers and Haitian veterinarians, the team’s initial goals are to begin with a single location to assist with animal control and animal health services, shelter, adoption, and rescue. 

Our vision is to build animal shelters that will replicate across the island of Haiti. These habitats will ensure every department in Haiti has a method for controlling, caring for, and handling the street dogs.   

Haiti Street Dog Project is the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has devoted its energy to passionately advocate for the hungry, needy and homeless dogs of Haiti. Continue to follow us on how you can contribute to the future of the dogs through donations, volunteering, and becoming a missionary.

History of the haiti street dog project

This malnourished male dog was roaming the streets of Titanyen, Haiti, August 2015 while Danny & Michele Jaco, and Brandie Anderson, were on a mission trip there. Photo credits go to Danny Jaco.

Our Founder, Diane, feeding a couple strays in her neighborhood. 

Haiti Street Dog Project is the first nonprofit organization to step up & address the dog problem in Haiti. Our team is dedicated to providing veterinary cares, food, and shelter for the many stray & neglected dogs in Haiti. Find out how you can become a volunteer with the Haiti Street Dog Project by clicking Read More below.