Haiti Street Dog Project

For the dogs. With the dogs.

Our volunteer coordinator & Program director

Brandie Anderson's first trip to Haiti was in August 2015 with another nonprofit organization directed towards the poverty-stricken families. While there, she met & bonded quickly with our own Operations Director, Michele Jaco. Together, Brandie & Michele couldn't help but notice that not only were the people of Haiti in dire need, so were the dogs! Puppies wandering everywhere, mama dogs full of milk, but no babies with her. The constant sight was absolutely disheartening & they both knew something had to be done.

With a background of marketing & advertising; event planning, creating & hosting social events, social media, Brandie is coupled with animal rescue & fosters with her local humane society. She has extensive background with caring for animals, both cats & dogs, even horses, and has a true passion for their well-being. 

A Minnesota native, she is married, has six children, four grandchildren, five cats, and three dogs. It's safe to say-she's busy! Brandie currently volunteers with the Haiti Street Dog Project with creating the website you see here, social media maintenance, as well as educating locals to become potential sponsors.

It's Brandie's dream & wish to move to Haiti one day to be the hands & feet the dogs need as a spokesperson.