Haiti Street Dog Project

For the dogs. With the dogs.

Diane Gaillard’s ingenious stance as advocate, educator and speaker assuredly makes its mark in the community for expansion. Executively, Diane’s background is well versed from an entrepreneurial stand point as she holds extensive experience with several business management and administrative positions amid major area corporations.  A proven gatherer of sides, Diane has become the voice for Haitians in Virginia, a conduit for bringing cultures and its people together.

A Haitian-American, Diane’s vibrancy prominently comes to life in endeavors that embraces Haiti.  As Diane’s first language is Creole, fervency surrounds her resolve in ardent efforts for the nation. In 2010, at the wake of the Haiti earthquake, the birth of a new beginning began. Diane aimlessly put experience and passion together to form Adopt Haiti Project, an organization that became a valuable resource to the Haitian community, offering support for those affected by the devastation.

As founder and administrator of The Adopt Haiti Project, Diane has hosted a number of social events, meetings, forums and classes with the commitment to educate the community of Haitian culture as well as to remember and celebrate the rich heritage that Haiti brings.  A television appearance also highlights Diane’s aspirations for celebrating Haiti as she was featured on the local CBS news preparing Haitian fare.  Diane continual efforts include forming networks throughout the state of Virginia as well as abroad in order to strengthen the bonds of the Haitian community at large. 

our founder & Executive director