Haiti Street Dog Project

For the dogs. With the dogs.

As a child, Michele inherited her tender heart for animals from her Mom who took in every stray creature that came around their residence. At one point her family even had 16 cats - much to the chagrin of her father!

During a trip to Haiti in 2015, Michele fell in love with the Haitian people, but her heart was broken by the sight of all the starving dogs that she saw roaming the streets. Her sadness was shared by her newfound mission-team friend, Brandie.

“I felt guilty for the tears that I shed over the animals” Michele said, "because I knew that the people have great need, as well. Yet, I did see many organizations on the ground helping the people, but no advocate existed for the dogs. Sadly, I assumed that the task of helping these dogs would be insurmountable.”

A few months later, through Facebook, Brandie and Michele learned about Diane Gaillard's mission to save the dogs in Haiti. They eagerly jumped on board with Diane’s “Haiti Street Dog Project,” and the three became the board of directors for this newly-formed 501c3 organization. Along with the assistance of local Haitian veterinarians, they plan to build a facility that will rescue and vaccinate these desperate Haitian dogs as well as educate/adopt dogs to willing owners.

Currently, Michele travels as an on-stage host/performer at U.S. auto shows for a major car manufacturing company, as well as a public speaker for a nationwide senior advocacy organization. She and her husband live with numerous animals of various species in a semi-rural suburb of Dallas, TX. Someday, they hope to live part-time (if not full-time) in Haiti to assist in operating the Haiti Street Dog Project.

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