Haiti Street Dog Project

For the dogs. With the dogs.

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Our Plan

Sample Kennel Setup

  • To buy land where we can build a functioning farm to house stray dogs of Haiti; this is an idea we plan to implement across the island as well. It will produce jobs for the Haitians, which will also allow them to learn how to care for the dogs in their own neighborhoods.
  • To build climate-friendly kennels so that we can house the various dogs in need, from puppies, to nursing females with new litters, to injured dogs, to dogs-in-training.
  • Orphanages plague Haiti, some dogs could be trained to become special needs dogs, companion dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs!
  • To provide a space for veterinary care such as vaccinations, wound care, spay/neuter, general health, or any health treatments needed as they arise.
  • To be able to purchase dog food locally (it is VERY expensive to purchase dog food in Haiti, as it is imported in from other countries), provide feeding and watering supplies such as bowls and food containers, also collars, leashes, dog beds, etc
  • To provide training & education opportunities for the Haitians, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians on how to care for the dogs of Haiti. Eventually we would like to offer classes, such as obedience training, so the residents can learn how to handle the dogs.
  • Many, many other options in our strategic plan-stay tuned for updates as we go, every day is a learning process and every day another litter of puppies is born-we plan to help minimize this growing issue!