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For the dogs. With the dogs.

Diane Gaillard’s ingenious stance as advocate, educator and speaker assuredly makes its mark in the community for expansion. Executively, Diane’s background is well versed from an entrepreneurial stand point as she holds extensive experience with several business management and administrative positions amid major area corporations.  A proven gatherer of sides, Diane has become the voice for Haitians in Virginia, a conduit for bringing cultures and its people together.

A Haitian-American, Diane’s vibrancy prominently comes to life in endeavors that embraces Haiti.  As Diane’s first language is Creole, fervency surrounds her resolve in ardent efforts for the nation. In 2010, at the wake of the Haiti earthquake, the birth of a new beginning began. Diane aimlessly put experience and passion together to form Adopt Haiti Project, an organization that became a valuable resource to the Haitian community, offering support for those affected by the devastation.

As founder and administrator of The Adopt Haiti Project, Diane has hosted a number of social events, meetings, forums and classes with the commitment to educate the community of Haitian culture as well as to remember and celebrate the rich heritage that Haiti brings.  A television appearance also highlights Diane’s aspirations for celebrating Haiti as she was featured on the local CBS news preparing Haitian fare.  Diane continual efforts include forming networks throughout the state of Virginia as well as abroad in order to strengthen the bonds of the Haitian community at large. 

As a child, Michele inherited her tender heart for animals from her Mom who took in every stray creature that came around their residence. At one point her family even had 16 cats - much to the chagrin of her father!

During a trip to Haiti in 2015, Michele fell in love with the Haitian people, but her heart was broken by the sight of all the starving dogs that she saw roaming the streets. Her sadness was shared by her newfound mission-team friend, Brandie.

“I felt guilty for the tears that I shed over the animals” Michele said, "because I knew that the people have great need, as well. Yet, I did see many organizations on the ground helping the people, but no advocate existed for the dogs. Sadly, I assumed that the task of helping these dogs would be insurmountable.”

A few months later, through Facebook, Brandie and Michele learned about Diane Gaillard's mission to save the dogs in Haiti. They eagerly jumped on board with Diane’s “Haiti Street Dog Project,” and the three became the board of directors for this newly-formed 501c3 organization. Along with the assistance of local Haitian veterinarians, they plan to build a facility that will rescue and vaccinate these desperate Haitian dogs as well as educate/adopt dogs to willing owners.

Currently, Michele travels as an on-stage host/performer at U.S. auto shows for a major car manufacturing company, as well as a public speaker for a nationwide senior advocacy organization. She and her husband live with numerous animals of various species in a semi-rural suburb of Dallas, TX. Someday, they hope to live part-time (if not full-time) in Haiti to assist in operating the Haiti Street Dog Project.

Alexandria Ronzio is a former competitive team USA pair figure skater, now a professional figure skater, coach, and author for ExploreInspired.com ; an adventure travel blog she owns and operates with her husband, Jonathan. 

She grew up in Duxbury MA with a passion for animals she inherited from her mother, who would pick up sick or injured animals and cared for them until they were well again. She grew up with dogs, frogs, turtles, hermit crabs, bunnies, guinea pigs, birds, and iguanas.

Alex is a 2011 Duxbury High School graduate and has been pursuing a business degree through Northeastern University. She currently resides in Boston with her husband and two rescue dogs Benji a 4-year-old Australian cattle dog/beagle mix, and Ellie a 9-month-old Shiba Inu/Akita mix.

Alex learned about the street dogs when her husband came back from a mission to Desab, Haiti and reported the conditions the dogs and people were in. Alex reached out to The Haiti Street Dog Project and wanted to get involved. It is her goal that we can build a sustainable system through structure, shelter, adoption programs, and awareness, so that both the dogs and people of Haiti can live the life they deserve. 

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Brandie Anderson's first trip to Haiti was in August 2015 with another nonprofit organization directed towards the poverty-stricken families. While there, she met & bonded quickly with our own Operations Director, Michele Jaco. Together, Brandie & Michele couldn't help but notice that not only were the people of Haiti in dire need, so were the dogs! Puppies wandering everywhere, mama dogs full of milk, but no babies with her. The constant sight was absolutely disheartening & they both knew something had to be done.

With a background of marketing & advertising; event planning, creating & hosting social events, social media, Brandie is coupled with animal rescue & fosters with her local humane society. She has extensive background with caring for animals, both cats & dogs, even horses, and has a true passion for their well-being. 

A Minnesota native, she is married, has six children, four grandchildren, five cats, and three dogs. It's safe to say-she's busy! Brandie currently volunteers with the Haiti Street Dog Project with creating the website you see here, social media maintenance, as well as educating locals to become potential sponsors.

It's Brandie's dream & wish to move to Haiti one day to be the hands & feet the dogs need as a spokesperson.