For the dogs. With the dogs.

How can you help?

We don't always get to pet the dogs that we feed, but we're building that relationship with them to hopefully gain their trust. A lot of dogs simply sleep where ever suits them, no place to call home.

Become a Volunteer

Haiti Street Dog Project is seeking animal lovers who are willing to donate their time to travel to Haiti to assist us with many needs, from feeding & watering dogs in the streets, to maintaining our shelter structure, to assisting veterinarians with handling dogs. Many things to come and your assistance is needed!

Baggies of dog food are put together to prepare for hitting the streets of Haiti. We target a certain neighborhood and leave food for the strays there; this allows for us to build trust with them.

Haiti Street Dog Project

If we don't have dog food with us when we're out & about (dog food is VERY expensive in Haiti), we will share our table scraps with the strays. Sadly, Haitian dogs are more accustomed to garbage & scraps than they are to dog food. Most dogs in Haiti have never eaten actual dog food!

Haiti Street Dog Project in the news!

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Thank you Tadia Toussaint for reaching out to us & bringing our organization & awareness to those in Haiti!